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What to expect from a WEBB seession?

The initial session (Pure Bliss 60) is for all Pure Bliss's first-time clients. Our practitioner will use this session to get to know you and your pet better, and to collect more in-depth information about your pet's needs, behaviour, medical history and relevant background. Our practitioner will also start building trust and connect with your pet.

Once your pet is comfortable, an assessment will be conducted to find out their pain and tension. The WEBB session will continue with a focus on your pet's needs, while taking cues from their body language and responses to make adjustments of the use of techniques and movements throughout the session.

What should I prepare for the session?

Our WEBB sessions will be conducted at the comfort of your (your pet's) own home. In general, a quiet area where the session won't be disturbed and your pet can relax would be ideal.

For dogs, please keep their collar and leash on. This allows the practitioner to perform some boundary work with your dog when necessary, to build trust, and also for safety. For dogs who are more aggressive and with a history of biting/attacking humans, a muzzle must be worn for the WEBB session.

For cats, they tend to be more sensitive to new scents and people and have a tendency to hide away. It will be ideal if you can arrange a space such as a room where your cat can't hide somewhere unreachable, such as under a bed or a couch. Please note, cats, especially those had traumatic experiences, may require a longer period of time to build trust with someone new. 

What if my pet won't relax?

Pets are individuals and each pet reacts differently to WEBB sessions. For nervous, stressed, or ‘hyper’ pets, it may take a longer period of time for them to build trust and learn to relax. The practitioner will teach you the Somatic Relaxation Technique during the initial session, which you may be encouraged to do daily to help your pet to relax.

How many session will my pet need?

Pets are an individuals, so it depends on how your pet responds to WEBB and the amount of physical tension, silent pain or/and emotional trauma they may be carrying. Typically, we recommend for your pet to have a minimum of 3-4 sessions to gain the full benefit from WEBB and see positive changes. 

For pets who have chronic pain (e.g. arthritis), elderly pets with stiffness, or those with emotional trauma, it may take more sessions to release long-held tension. 

A monthly or occasional session for your healthy pet can be very beneficial in maintaining their general wellbeing.

What kind of pets can use this service?

Pure Bliss WEBB session is suitable for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits.


WEBB is a complementary therapy and should never be viewed as an alternative to veterinary care.

If your pet is unwell, injured, or lame, you should consult your veterinary surgeon.

The practitioners from Pure Bliss do not diagnosis illness or disease, nor do they prescribe any medical treatments.

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