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The Therapeutic
 Massage Every Pet Deserves

- Release Pain and Tension

- Recover from Trauma

- Relieve Stress and Anxiety

- Rebalance Nervous System

Give Your Pet a  Better Life

Is your pet in PAIN?

Over 50% of pets suffer from silent pain. Is your pet one of them?

We can help you find out!

Perhaps your pet is getting older and stiffer, suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, or having a slow recovery from a past injury.

Our therapeutic massage modality can help ease the tension in the fascia, relieve pain and promote healing.

Is your pet HAPPY?

Have you ever described your pet as "Naughty";"Untrainable";"Aggressive"; "Too Much"; "Hyper";"Clingy"; "Fearful"?

It is not uncommon that many pets suffer from stress and anxiety due to changes and traumatic experiences. WEBB Bodywork modality is designed to release the tension in pets' Neuro-Fascial Network, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and help relax your pet's Body and Mind.

Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB)
Bodywork for Pets

Developed by internationally renowned holistic veterinarian, Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc (Hons II), The Healing Vet. WEBB Bodywork is a fluid, flexible, empathic touch therapy method that focuses on the neuro-fascial network (the layers of connective tissue that hold everything in the body in place) of pets. It invites healthy movement of physical structures, supports healthy flow of energy and emotions. WEBB Bodywork sessions can lead your pet into a state of deep relaxation, activate their parasympathetic nervous system (also known as the Rest and Digest system) which encourages healing to occur.

WEBB Bodywork is a kind, empathetic, and relaxing therapy that can support the followings:


Senior Pets

Encourage healthier movement in the stiff areas 


Stress and Anixety

Release emotional trauma, reactive parasympathetic system


Arthritis and Pain

Reduce tension in the fascia tissues and muscles

Barking Dog

Over Arousal 

Relax nervous system, release trapped physical and emotional tension


Recover from Injury

Release fascia tightness and recuperate from trauma

Cat and Dog

Improve General Wellbeing

Relaxation for body and mind, let your pet feel loved and joy

Services / Prices *

*All services will be conducted in the comfort of your home. Prices shown are for sessions undertaken within 15km radius of Pakenham 3810 (such as Pakenham, Officer, Berwick, Gembrook). Travel charge may apply for further locations. Please contact to discuss or click 'Request to Book' to fill in the form and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

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